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Kingsberg are specialists at sourcing Lamborghini Luxury Supercars. The Lamborghini marque is an increasingly popular client request for us to locate, as its vehicles are thrilling and arresting.

Starting as a manufacturer of tractors, diversifying to that of Luxury Supercars in the early sixties, Lamborghini has always pushed the boundaries of performance , style and creativity. Intended to rival and better Ferrari it has always been flamboyant and iconoclastic, and continues to design cars imbued with a real sense of theatre and occasion. From the elegance of the classic 1960’s Muira, to the striking Aventador SVJ of today, this marque always ensures excitement and road-presence. Large capacity, naturally-aspirated engines run central to this theme ensuring the cars are ‘Super’ and ‘Italian’ in every respect. Indeed, sitting atop the range the Lamborghini V12 power plant is synonymous with soul, sound and shattering performance. Being supplied to offshore powerboat race teams is further testament to this.

Futuristic and forward thinking this classic marque brought us the scissor door, first used by designer Marcello Gandini on the Countach, and were the first to market a high end Sports Utility vehicle, the LM002 way back in the 1980’s. This was a major departure for a luxury sports car manufacturer, and further illustrates how cars bearing the famous raging bull emblem are always bold, individual, and expressive. As Rouven Mohr, head of development explains “...This is Lamborghini ... we want to provoke, to not always be the friendly brand”.

By continuing to tap into emotions, to excite, company has in recent years enhanced an already very strong brand and model line-up; bridging the gap between young and older clients alike, and now widening its appeal once again with an SUV offering, the V8 powered Urus.

The Current Range:


The spiky hexagonal forms of the carbon atom are the inspiration for the design of the Huracan, and it certainly works. It’s a striking look, but clever blending of curves brings more beauty than the hexagonal elements would suggest.

V10 power endows huge performance, and both all-wheel and rear-wheel drive models are available depending on ones driving style and preference. The Huracan is more precise and engaging than its recent predecessors and ‘Performante’ versions are even more so. Exhibiting great handling with spirited driving, this car manages to excite at any speed, and possess a quality of everyday ‘usability’. It is indeed a very well-rounded and desirable Supercar.


The pinnacle of expression, performance and specification in the current model line up. Arresting looks, scissor doors, and the soulful V12 combine to exhibit everything that is Lamborghini and is the ultimate old-school Italian Supercar with a modern twist.

Innovation and technology combine, particularly in the top-spec SVJ edition (Super Veloce Jota) which features all wheel drive, and all wheel steering. Further, this model benefits from power enhancement, weight reduction, and an all new aero package that dynamically adapts to optimise road holding and handling. Quite simply, thrilling.


A Supercar SUV for the family, the Urus offers sports utility flexibility whilst maintaining huge performance, thanks to a turbocharged V8 and liberal use of carbon-fibre to trim weight. Sharp in style, it opens the door to the world of Lamborghini style and performance, but in a more day to day and practical way.

Kingsberg Ltd. is happy to talk through all the options for you. We will research, source, negotiate the best price, and make all the necessary arrangements in order to provide a stress free acquisition delivered to your door. Additionally, should you need, we work with the most respected third party associates that can help with financing and insuring your luxury Lamborghini supercar.

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