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About Bentley

Kingsberg are professionals at sourcing Bentley Luxury Supercars. The Bentley marque is a popular client request for us to locate, as it is well known for its prestigious and luxurious performance vehicles.

“To build a good car, a fast car, the best in class”.

This was founder W.O. Bentley’s motto, and the marques’ illustrious 100 year history is simply overflowing with engineering and sporting excellence. W.O. himself was superb engineer and innovator, initially making huge improvements to early aero engine performance by employing aluminium pistons and internals in place of the usual steel. His racing cars dominated in the 20’s, particularly Le Mans, and no story would be complete without mentioning the iconic ‘Blower-Bentley’, the outright fastest race car of its day in 1929. Paying homage to this, the company is to produce 12 meticulous reproductions, every component scanned from a stripped down original, yet another example of how Bentley continues to be fastidious in its quality, engineering, and exclusivity.

Post-war Bentleys’ have focused on fast, elegant Grand Tourers and saloons, and this cultural icon continues to be a by-word for luxury, comfort and high performance. Indeed it is a marque fit for a monarch, with the two state limousines being custom built by Bentley for Her Majesty the Queen.

The company mission statement is “Be Extraordinary”, and it truly is, having become not just a car producer, but a gateway to a world of exclusive and individual products. The association with Mulliner (coachwork creator supreme) is long standing and well known, however now Mulliner has a wider role within the Bentley brand. It offers three routes to express ones’ interests and individuality, should the normal and extensive options list not suffice. ‘Collections’ enables the client to customise any of the Bentley range to their specific and individual taste, utilising unique paints, materials and combinations. Alternatively, ‘Coachbuilt’ creates limited production run models that are distinct from the standard range. The current offering being the Mulliner Bacalar, a stunning GT with shattering performance, and exclusivity that comes with owning one of only twelve to be made. Finally, ‘Classic’ embraces the company’s past and as previously mentioned, commencing with the ‘Bentley-Blower’, this will enable clients to own exact replicas of historic greats.

Proud of its past, staying true to its roots, but creating an exciting future, this company is truly extraordinary.

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