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About Lotus

If a driver focused car is your aim, then a lotus should be at the top of your list. The Lotus founding principle was “simplify, then add lightness”, and with a successful Formula 1 Championship Winning history, this attention to vehicle dynamics has produced some of the best handling cars available. Such purity is seemingly sown into the brand, and began back in the sixties with the Elan roadster, and the Lotus 7, whose layout is still produced by other manufacturers under licence.

This continues today with an exciting sports car range possessing peerless handling, and including many track focused models. Such performance results from continued innovation in the way Lotus uses materials and meets engineering challenges. They have pioneered the use of fibre-glass and composites, backbone chassis, active-suspension, and power plant development. Indeed, Lotus Engineering Consultancy are sought after worldwide for their prowess and expertise in many diverse fields.

Until recently the company lacked a genuine ‘big-player’ Supercar since the halcyon days of the Esprit, made famous in the Bond franchise. Now however, joining the range, and propelling Lotus to the forefront of the performance car market is the new Evija. This all-electric Hypercar embodies the Lotus ethos, whilst raising the bar for performance and road presence, truly one of the most exciting cars today.

With a new ‘Esprit’ in the pipeline, and huge funding from Geeley, the future is very bright and exciting for Lotus, and indeed anyone wishing to own one of their iconic vehicles.


A long-standing member of the Lotus range, which through updates and refreshes is as relevant and rewarding today as ever. The epitome of a two-seat roadster, this has become a much sought after icon, and puts the road at your fingertips. This car is a guaranteed ‘smile-maker’, and at Kingsberg, our clients never fail to be pleased with this driving delight.


Originally a track focused derivative of the Elise, the Exige has now carved out a niche of its own, and possesses huge performance, bigger than its size would suggest. A favourite of track goers and performance driving schools, this car is for the serious driver, and never fails to reward.


Bridging the gap between the more spartan Elise/Exige pairing, and the future ‘Esprit’/Evija, sits this beautiful GT. A mid-mounted V6, Lotus DNA, and a curvaceous body seemingly shrink-wrapped to the car, mean that once again this is “for the drivers”, but the Evora offers more space, and more comfort, and could quite easily be your daily drive.


All electric, all new. Innovation meets bold intent with this astounding model. Powered by four electric motors, in ‘track’ mode the Evija produces 2000 horsepower, and as a Lotus product will without doubt provide ultimate driving enjoyment.

The styling is bold, striking, aerodynamic, yet elegant. As it’s designer Russell Carr describes, it is where “art meets science”. For example, intakes at the nose, take air all the way through a beautifully sculpted tunnel to large exits at the rear, framed by the tail lights. A functional yet beautiful piece of aerodynamic design. Scissor doors and cameras in place of mirrors add to the futuristic tech feel, and as a package it boasts huge road presence.

This not only gains entry to the ‘Hypercar’ club, but to its very top, and by quite a margin. For Lotus this is a statement of real intent, of its finance, its desire, and its capabilities.

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