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About Ferrari

Kingsberg are professionals at sourcing Ferrari Luxury Supercars. The Ferrari marque is a consistently popular request for us to locate, as it is the very by-word for Supercar.

Think Supercar, think Ferrari. There is perhaps no other name that resonates in such a way, that is so recognisable and universal. Similarly the associations are strong and iconic; the prancing horse logo, the colour red, flying buttresses, Formula 1 motor racing, and the ‘Great Old Man’ Enzo Ferrari himself.

Since its creation the company has been prolific in producing many of the most lauded and sought after performance cars, possessing monumental reputations and numerous devotees. Alongside their ‘standard’ production models, Ferrari have created many outstanding commemorative and limited production run vehicles, paying homage to their illustrious past, but always pushing the boundaries of technology and performance, each time raising the bar.

Past masters such as the 250GTO, Testarossa, F40 and Enzo (to name but a few) have now passed into lore, and transcended ‘classic status’. The desirability of some of these vehicles continues to drive up values, appreciating so as to become an investment in their own right. Indeed, Ferrari sells some models by invite only, keeping the cars within a carefully vetted and approved client base, preserving desirability and exclusivity.

However, a key driver in maintaining the aura and desirability is the inescapable link between road and track, an unbreakable bond that sees racing technology and know-how make its way directly to the road cars. As embodied by the current SF90 hybrid Supercar, this occurs in quick time, and with real relevance, ensuring clients are always guaranteed to be at the forefront of performance whilst breathing in that ‘Ferrari magic’.

Thus the ‘Prancing Horse’ goes from strength to strength, and without doubt currently has one of the most desirable, and certainly the most diverse model line-ups in its rich history.

F8 Tributo

Replacing the outgoing F488, this vehicle pays ‘tribute’ to 40 years of Ferraris’ V8 engined 2-seat Berlinettas. Designed to offer the highest level of performance available, its breadth of abilities is huge, thanks to drawing upon GT racing experience. Pace and dynamics are razor sharp, yet accessible and soulful; and, whilst honed to aid aerodynamics, the styling remains elegant and unmistakably Ferrari.

F488 Pista

The Pista, (or ‘Track’) is the track optimised variant of the now replaced 488 model. Make no mistake, this is not tired, and in fact has tempted many an enthusiast back to the Ferrari fold. It’s V8 is lifted straight from the F488 Challenge race car, further weight reduction measures have been made, and it rides on high specification tyres. Fettling with the dynamics has made further gains, and the result is truly shattering. In a market that is seemingly awash with ‘track derived or focused models, this really does stand proud.


Ferrari describes this elegant 2+2 front-engined coupe as being designed with “Formal minimalism”, and is said to represent life in Rome in the 1950’s and 60’s. It certainly has a classic elegance, restrained but eye-catching, modern, yet timeless.

812 Superfast/GTS

“When you buy a Ferrari you pay for the the engine and I’ll give you the rest of the car for free”. Enzo Ferrari’s’ alleged words sum this car up perfectly. This is all about the V12, and in this vehicle it is unlike any other power-plant. Red-lining at almost 9000rpm the reach of this naturally aspirated masterpiece intoxicating: 800hp of iconic power and soul. Attached to this by the way, is a beautiful GT in front-engine configuration, which is also available as a retractable hard-top in GTS specification.

Portofino M

Successor to the California, this is Ferraris’ continuation of its Grand Tourer lineage, here as a 2+2 front-engined convertible. The ‘M’ stands for ‘Modificata’ and this is an evolution of the launch model, incorporating a host of modifications to the interior, chassis dynamics, and most importantly a new 8-speed dual-clutch automatic gearbox.

SF90 Stradale/Spider

It is 90 years since the formation of the Scuderia Ferrari (Formula 1 team), and the SF90 marks this milestone with a stunning display of power, technology, and arresting looks. A plug-in hybrid, the driver can call upon the combined efforts of a V8 Turbo and three electric motors to deploy 1000 horsepower, making this the fastest production road Ferrari ever. Wrapped in a beautiful body, (available also as a folding hard-top ‘Spider’), this is the embodiment of everything Ferrari. Should one wish for even more track focus, the Assetto Fiorano (Fiorano ‘Trim’) offers weight saving and a host of suspension plus aero modifications. Track specification tyres and a two-tone racing paint scheme complete the package.


This is the first model in a new concept at Ferrari; a model segment of special limited-series cars that pay homage to a racing past. Available as a single or two-seater (SP1 & SP2), the Monza is special for what it lacks as much as for what it possesses. It has no roof, has no windscreen, but has racing DNA coursing through its veins. An aluminium chassis and Kevlar body keep weight in check, whilst a V12 provides the horses. All told, this is a recipe for becoming one with a motor vehicle, for getting as close to the machinery and to the road as is possible.

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