Aston Martin

Quintessentially British, and a cultural icon

Kingsberg are specialists at sourcing Aston Martin Luxury Supercars. Well known for its high performing yet elegant vehicles this marque is a popular client request for us to locate.

Quintessentially British, and a cultural icon, Aston Martin have long been associated with elegance and style, and with a performance to match, it has often been the ‘go-to’ choice of secret agents and royalty.

Founded in 1913 the company was, from its very beginning, centred upon racing, and during the 1920’s its cars went on to set world speed and endurance records. It was post war that David Brown (a tractor manufacturer) (rather like Lamborghini) bought the company, and so began the famous ‘DB’ moniker. The die was cast, but it was the use of the beautiful DB5 in the Bond movie Goldfinger that turned the cars and the name into an icon. This sense of heritage and style is now seemingly woven into the brand, and with a Royal Warrant of Appointment it is very much the sophisticated choice.

Make no mistake however, this is not a case of style over substance, and neither is it stuffy or old fashioned. The current range is as relevant, sharp and desirable as ever, and has cross generation appeal thanks to a diverse product line up, and a renewed strong association with top level motor sport. A bold ‘second century plan’ will offer seven new models released to the market in as many years, and the DB11 heralds a new technical direction. It showcases many new technologies for Aston Martin, not least of which is an all new aluminium platform, and reflects a modern, forward looking company, but one that respects and draws upon its rich and stylish heritage.

The Current Range:


This elegant model sits at the heart of the range and is perhaps most representative of the luxurious Grand Tourer format with which Aston Martin has long been associated. The AMR version (V12 power) offers a more aggressive and performance focused experience, but should you wish to make effortless and stylish progress then the standard V8 is the car for you, available also as a soft top (the Volante). There are no less than 11 optional equipment packs, and an almost infinite number of specifications to be chosen through the Aston Martin Q department to truly personalise your vehicle.

DBS Superleggera

Take a DB11, V12 of course, increase its performance and facelift the body and you have a DBS. Now use carbon fibre in the body to trim 72kg off the weight and you have the Superleggera (Italian for ‘Super-Light’). This is Aston Martins flagship model, and sits between the sporting Vantage, and the DB11. It offers rapid continent crossing ability thanks to over 700hp of V12 power, yet remains sumptuous and comfortable, this is a magnificent Grand Tourer in every respect.


The new Vantage is now a more sportier proposition than pure GT, again powered by the twin turbo V8, but now more focus has been placed on handling and dynamics. It is pitched squarely in the Porsche 911/McLaren 540C arena, and is Astons entry level model. Bold styling ensures road presence and conveys serious intent, and rather than focus on outright pace, the engineers have ensured that within its serious performance, unlike some faster rivals, the car also offers character and soul.


Astons’ first ever foray into the now crowded luxury SUV market, and it is certainly a very desirable and capable offering. Clearly bearing the Aston exterior styling cues and with a sumptuous interior, it feels every inch an Aston product, just one that offers more space and a go anywhere usability. Performance is a given, a V8 bi-turbo Mercedes sourced V8 providing serious power and pace.

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