Lotus Blossoms

Like it’s namesake, Lotus Cars is undergoing a rebirth. Lotus is blossoming.

Since time immemorial the Lotus flower has been linked to spiritual enlightenment, longevity, and rebirth. Given its history, how prophetic that lotus cars should be so named, yet never has it been so apt as now.

Enlightenment? Lotus is sought the world over for technical knowledge and engineering skill. It’s excellence in chassis dynamics and handling is legendary. It’s suspension design, passive and active, are cutting edge, as are many projects too numerous to mention. Let’s not forget, for example, Lotus was fettling active noise reduction technology for domestic and car applications way back in the eighties.

Longevity? Now in its 73rd year, despite many near fatal brushes, Lotus has stayed the course and now looks stronger than ever.

Rebirth? It has had many. Think the post Chapman transition through Wickens to General Motors. Recall the might of Proton. Remember the bold 5 car rejuvenation plan under Danny Bahar. Now, with Geely, things are different.

With hindsight one can pick holes in previous ‘rebirths’, despite being heartfelt and cognisant of the Lotus skill set. Yet, for differing reasons, none have come close to the confluence of factors publicly manifesting themselves this year.


The seed, the DNA, what makes Lotus appealing is its knowledge and skilled workforce, but it requires conditions to flourish, not simply survive. Geely, owners since 2017 understand this. Look at the amazing metamorphosis at Volvo under the Geely wing. The mindset is renewal and growth, but not at the expense of core values. Neither is it a flash in the pan, or a curiosity and provider of consultancy projects (I refer back to GM). This is long term; progressive not rushed, becoming a respected force, able to compete with the establishment on equal terms. It is all part of the ‘Vision80 Strategy’.

Vision 80. Soon to be revealed New Model Range. Lotus Media.


Obvious perhaps but it has to exist and crucially be directed wisely. £100 million will bring the world-class facilities Lotus needs. Remarkably, given the pandemic trading conditions of 2020, fiscal prudence is evidenced by a healthy balance sheet and global sales up 4.4% across all markets.


This year sees significant upgrades to the Hethel HQ, its manufacturing spaces and test track. A brand new ‘Chassis Production Facility’ in Norwich replaces two former units and brings the capability to meet future model and component demand with greater efficiency and quality.

Chassis Production @ Hurricane Way. Lotus media.


Lotus possesses dedicated engineers, at every level, from graduate trainees to MD Matt Windle, himself an engineer and ‘Lotus Man’ through and through. Core values and loyalty are important.

New Lotus MD, Matt Windle. Lotus Media

Model Range

Although seen in public for a while now, customer deliveries of the ground-breaking Evija Hypercar begin this year, so expect a media frenzy. It truly is a remarkable car, pushing performance beyond anything yet seen and has recently won ‘Product Design of the Year’. Lotus have created a masterpiece, propelling them back onto the world stage.

The Stunning 2000ps Evija Hypercar.

This statement of intent bodes well for a complete range renewal announced early this year. This ‘clean-sheet’ starts with Type 131 later this year, touted as a replacement for the legendary Esprit (but not to be so named). Do not think however that this is due to a wheezing and outdated current product line up. Each of the three outgoing models are as good a drive and investment as ever, remaining some of the best drivers cars around. However a fresh start is needed, new platforms and technologies, and an electric future.

Final run Special Edition Elise and Exige. Lotus Media.

Outgoing Model Range. A great success. Lotus Media.

A Final Thought

Gone are the apologetic days of ‘punching above ones weight,’ hamstrung by lack of funds or facilities. In clear view, Lotus is now blossoming. The Evija signals its direction for the next decade, and is a manifestation of Geely money plus Lotus know-how (underpinned by a bold but considered plan).
I’ll venture this ... Manufacturers and automotive CEO’s worldwide must surely be looking on with green eyes at the unique opportunities that now lay in the hands of Lotus.

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